By: Chris Roling

From a “gamble” of a signing to the Cincinnati Bengals record books.

That’s the story for Bengals defensive end Trey Hendrickson, a risky-looking big-money singing by the Bengals in free agency this past offseason.

Thanks to a sack during Sunday’s game against the Baltimore Ravens, Hendrickson now has 14 sacks in 15 games — shattering the team’s sack record.

Hendrickson also has at least half a sack in 11 games and counting, the NFL’s longest-running streak. If he gets another next week to make it 12, he’d move into a three-way tie for second on the all-time list.

After recording 13.5 sacks in New Orleans last year — but never more than 4.5 in a season in three years before that — Hendrickson looked like a risky signing that could backfire.

That hasn’t been the case by a now-historic margin. Hendrickson’s got two more games to extend his lead on the all-time list and to make it more insurmountable for future Bengals.