NSA pays 100% of your training costs

combine training

Pre Draft Training

THIS IS NOT A LOAN. This is our investment in our clients, showing them how committed we are to their success and pursuit towards realizing their dreams of playing in the National Football League.

They Include

  • Trainer Costs
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Meals
  • Supplements
  • Workout Apparel
  • Per Diem for Incidentals

As you approach the conclusion of your collegiate career, it is important to understand that the road to the NFL has many twists and turns along the way. Your commitment to the Pre-Draft training process is instrumental in helping you navigate this road. For the past 4 years you have been preparing to perform at the highest of levels every time you step on the field – countless hours spent in meetings, studying film, and then on the practice field. With this chapter of your playing career coming to an end, you will soon direct your attention towards training for a whole new “sport.”

Welcome To the Olympics!

The product you have displayed on the field is what will intrigue NFL scouts, but what you do throughout the Pre-Draft process is what convinces decision-makers that you are right for their organization. This is why it is crucial in getting every player prepared and trained by the best trainers in the country immediately following their college season. The facilities we send our players to are without a doubt the best of the best in this highly competitive industry. Year after year the players that we send to training seem to lead the way at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis, regardless of position.

This is No Vacation

Although it may seem like a vacation going to beautiful Florida in January and February

Trust me, it is no vacation! You will take part in a rigorous training regimen Monday through Saturday. The good news is players have Sunday off to enjoy the scenery. While at training, you will prepare for every test the NFL has to offer, whether at the combine or your schools Pro Day. You will work with some of the finest strength and conditioning coaches throughout the country whom which guarantee results. They will teach you the art and technique on how to ace every part of your “track and field” audition in front of NFL personnel. This includes 40-yard dash training, as well as 3-cone, short and long shuttle, vertical, and broad jump techniques. Additionally, you will have classroom training sessions with former NFL executives, preparing you for the ever-important interview process. They will prepare you for what questions to expect in both formal and informal team interviews and how to respond appropriately. You will also be given practice Wonderlic tests, educating you on how to achieve the highest possible score. On the football side, you will be working on position-specific drills with current and former NFL players and coaches. Additional services include: customized meal programs prepared by registered dietitians as well as access to rehab services and massage therapists to ensure you are performing at the highest level.

Your Reward

All this hard work is rewarded with a 1-bedroom apartment of your own, minutes away from the training facility. We will also supply you with a rental car for the duration of your training. Additionally, we also provide all supplements, workout gear, gas expenses, and a monthly stipend. Our goal is simple, to make you the best and most prepared you can be leading up to the Draft. In picking up 100% of the training expenses, like you, we have to be certain we have the right player both on and off the field; YES – THERE IS NO CASH COST TO THESE SELECTED PLAYERS, but there is a bigger cost of sacrificing and training like never before to become the best you can possibly be. TOGETHER, we will achieve at the highest levels.