The Structure Of The Deal Can Turn A Good Contract Into a Great Contract

Contract Negotiations

For over 30 years, National Sports Agency has had some of the largest, record-breaking contracts in NFL history! Regardless of the year or the player’s position on the field, NSA has always led the way in not only receiving these “blockbuster” contracts, but more importantly, maximizing the guaranteed dollars of all player contracts. These lucrative, multi-million dollar deals are great in name, but the structure of the deal is what truly makes them even greater. The structure of the deal will always turn a good contract into a GREAT CONTRACT.

Some Of The Ingredients Include

  • Salary base guarantees
  • The length of the contract
  • The voidable language to shorten a deal if out performed by the player
  • Escalators and incentives to increase and reward your performance

Guaranteed Dollars & Bonuses

Every athlete is aware of receiving a potential signing bonus,

But most are not aware of the countless number of additional bonuses available. From guaranteed option bonus dollars, to multiple reporting bonuses, to multiple workout and roster bonuses, these forms of bonuses will not only give the player more financial stability, but will help secure a more stable and healthy relationship with their team. Of course, all this depends largely on one key word – LEVERAGE.

Leverage will always be the determining factor

When negotiating with teams to either retain or acquire a player in free agency. That leverage is always built on two major factors – What that player does on the field and who that player is off the field. When you have both, get ready to see another record-breaking contract!



Expressed over and over again by NFL executives, NSA’s ability to “think outside the box” separates themselves from all other agencies. Finding common ground and satisfying both parties’ demands takes both sides working together. Whether it is working through a team’s tight cap or a unique personal / confidential situation, we will always find a way to make it happen if that is where our player wants to play. As an agent, there is no greater feeling than helping your player and his family reach all of their dreams, both personally and financially. With 30-plus years of developing strong relationships with ALL 32 NFL teams, it will become apparent why you should join the NSA family.

"Rest assured, when we're done negotiating, we will not only get everything on the table, but take the table, chairs, and silverware home with us!"