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National Sports Agency was started in 1982, truly by accident by it’s founder and President, Harold C. Lewis. While throwing batting practice for the 1982 World Champion St. Louis Cardinals, he became very close with many of the NFL St. Louis Cardinal players working out at the same stadium. After one of the players was released from the team and never heard back from his agent for months, he asked Harold for help in finding him a new team to play the game he loved. After not only finding him a new team, he created something that most players only heard of and owners never wanted to hear about. A “Guaranteed Contract !!” Word spread fast and within three years `NSA without ever visiting a college campus, had over a dozen extremely happy and talented players. Those happy players helped to create the foundation for NSA' s early success by spreading the word to other players of the services and diligence that Harold exhibited, in turn creating an influx of new talent to his newly born company. Since then, NSA year after year has been regarded as one of the most respected and trusted "complete" sports agency in the business today. We understand more than anyone that this is a relationship business that thrives on results. By being there 24/7 for ALL of our players, whether they were a 1st round draft pick or even an un drafted free agent, will always separate us from all other agencies. You have put your trust in us and we will never stop fighting for you in maximizing every opportunity in helping you achieve ALL of your goals both on and off the field. Why NSA ? Because our goal and motto is simple: "The Best On The Field Deserve The Best Off The Field. ” Don’t just take our word for it, we welcome you to speak with any of our current or past players and their families and see why NSA is not just their agency, but truly apart of their family. Let us prove it to you!

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A Letter From The President

With most agents basically telling you the same things, it can and does get very confusing. Your decision should be based on these simple factors:

  • Do I feel this relationship is geniune and will it grow stronger and stronger year after year?
  • Do I trust that he will always be there for me, both the good and the bad times?
  • Does he have a special relationship with ALL 32 NFL teams and the personnel decision makers?
  • Does he have the experience and power to open up doors that other agents can’t or didn't even know existed?
  • Can he get me every single dime on the table and then some?
  • Does he think outside the box in making things happen that others can’t?

Basically, can he do more for me than I can do for him. These are great questions that need to be proved rather than answered. Don't just take my word for it, we welcome you to speak with any of our current or former players and their families. We also encourage your family to be involved in the decision process from the beginning. We don't just represent you, the player, but your family as well. We understand that your family will have many questions through-out this process and we look forward to answering each and everyone of them.

If you are just looking for an agent to train you, negotiate your contract, call you once or twice a year and then send you a bill, then we would probably be the wrong agency for you. Our players are truly part of our FAMILY and we are truly part of their FAMILY long after the days of playing football. Regardless of which players that you speak to of ours, you will hear them constantly say that they are truly part of our FAMILY. The relationships, memories and friends that I have made along this amazing journey have been the greatest rewards anyone could ever ask for. I truly am blessed to be able to work in a business for the loving and not just the living. I hope you will allow us to join your FAMILY as we would love to have you part of ours.